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Virtual Desktop clients for iPads here before enterprise demand - by Bridget Botelho, Senior Site Editor of Virtual Desktop

While the demand for iPad is consumer-oriented today, the business case is slowly beginning to grow as more and more business-related "apps" become available, said Peter Ferraresso, CEO of Logical Systems, an IT consultancy in Canton, Conn.

One of his clients, a mortgage firm, made iPad, iPhone and Mac support a requirement for its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) project last year because the firm's executives use Apple products and have a mobile sales force. So, Ferraresso had to choose a desktop virtualization product with an iPad client. At the time, that meant Citrix Receiver, but XenDesktop was too complicated and expensive for the small firm's needs, so he opted for Kaviza's VDI product, which also works with Receiver.


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Norcom Mortgage Selects Kaviza VDI-in-a-box for 24x7 desktop access via iPads

Leveraging Logical Systems' value-added technology services, Norcom Mortgage has deployed a virtual desktop infrastructure from Kaviza running Citrix HDX™ to enable its employees to access their Windows desktops and mortgage applications anytime at client sites, or home, directly from their iPads -- without having to carry around bulky laptops.

  • "Following an extensive evaluation of several industry-leading virtualization providers, we found that Kaviza gives the rich HDX features such as iPad access without the cost and complexity," said Peter Ferraresso, CEO, Logical Systems, Inc. "We had spent over 100+ hours setting up XenDesktop and were concerned about its complexity -- we got Kaviza up and running overnight."
    Kaviza VDI-in-a-box is an award-winning next-generation virtual desktop solution based on patent-pending Shared Nothing grid architecture that completely redefines the way virtual desktops are delivered and managed, cutting down on the cost and complexity of virtual desktop infrastructure. Unlike traditional desktop virtualization solutions, Kaviza provides high-availability and on-demand scaling without requiring expensive shared storage. This simplifies deployments and reduces costs without compromising on fundamentals. Kaviza delivers optimized rich high-definition user experience with Citrix HDX™.
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